The flooring materials you choose affect the comfort of a room, so you will need to pay attention to more than aesthetics when selecting materials. Tailor your choices to your needs, just as you would when selecting finishing materials for any room in your home.

Carpet, for example, is very comfortable underfoot. It makes a great surface for a bedroom. If you have children, a material less prone to staining might be a better choice for the family area or dining room.

Generally, the heavier the carpet, the better it will hold up. However, don’t select a product based on weight alone. When comparing different varieties consider the carpet’s density, pile height, and fiber type. Many carpets come in good, better, and best choices. Although the carpets in each category look very much alike, the difference is usually weight. For example, a textured Saxony might come in 28, 34, and 40 ounce choices. The term ounce refers to the weight of the carpet per square yard. Obviously, the more the carpet weighs, the better it will wear. If you are budget conscious, select the heavier product for high-traffic areas and the lower weight carpet for let used rooms.

One of the biggest areas a carpet wears down is at the seam, or where two pieces of carpet are glued together to properly cover a room or attach one piece of carpet from a room to say, a hallway. Most carpets now days come in both 12 and 15 foot widths, and can come in any length. When choosing carpeting for your home, it is always a good choice to minimize the amount of seams you have. If your rooms are generally more than 12 feet wide, it is a good idea to choose a carpet that is 15 feet wide so that you minimize seams.