Carpet Newport News, Carpet in Hampton

Carpet Basics

For warmth and comfort underfoot, carpet is your choice. It contains two layers – face pile and backing. Because the face pile is subject to all the wear and tear, it’s your key consideration. Backing is almost never seen once the carpet is installed, but it does play a role in the overall quality.

Carpet face pile comes in two variations: cut and loop. In cut-pile carpets individual yarns stand up straight from the backing. In loop-pile construction the yarn comes out of the backing, loops over, and returns into the backing. Loop-pile carpets with a level surface are called level loops. If the loop height varies, the carpet is a multilevel loop. Most loop piles will perform better than cut piles in the long term because the loops help evenly distribute the impact of foot traffic.

At Jack’s Tile and Carpet, we carry a wide variety of carpeting from both Shaw and Mohawk, but you are not limited to these manufactures. We can special order you samples and materials from any carpet manufacturer in the world. Please visit our showroom to see what we can offer to you. If you are not able to visit the showroom, we can take the showroom to you! Visit Shop at Home for more information on this service. For more information or to schedule a shop at home appointment, contact us by email or call. We look forward to making your dream room come together.