There is a wide range of flooring options available in the market today, but very few that give you the benefit of durability, beauty, and value as ceramic tile and stone flooring. Ceramic tile and porcelain offer superior durability and virtually unlimited design and style choices. You will reap the benefits of your new ceramic tile flooring as it is long-lasting and requires almost no maintenance.

Ceramic Tile

At Jack’s Tile and Carpet, we offer several hundred ceramic tile selections from makers such as Shaw, Mohawk, DalTile, Happy Floors, American Olean, and Florida Tile, but you are obviously not limited to just these choices. Just because we do not have it in the store, does not mean that we cannot get you a sample of whatever ceramic tile you may have seen elsewhere. Depending on the material you choose, ceramic tile can last for the entire lifetime of a house, so it is important to select a style and color that you will enjoy for years to come.Below are some points to consider when shopping for ceramic tile.

Some points to consider:

  • Ceramic Tile is rated based on the amount of moisture it absorbs, so be sure to select tiles with moisture ratings related to where you want it installed. You would certainly want minimal absorption in areas such as bathrooms and outdoor patios.
  • To ensure that the flooring you purchase is safe to walk on, look also at the COF rating. COF stands for coefficient of friction and refers to the smoothness of the tile. It is rated on a scale of 0 to 1 with higher numbers, 0.6 and up, representing non-slip surfaces.
  • Another rating for ceramic tile is it’s PEI rating, which measures surface wear. Grade 1 tiles are best used for wall applications. Grade 2 tiles work well for wall applications and light-traffic floor areas. Grade 3 tiles are suitable for floors with light-to-moderate traffic. Grade 4 tiles provide greater durability for moderate-to-heavy traffic, and finally Grade 5 tiles can handle the heaviest of foot traffic and are most often used in commercial applications.
  • If you prefer more of a formal/classy look, then perhaps you should focus your search on the high-gloss marbleized ceramic tile. These tiles will add a touch of elegance to any home, but high-gloss surfaces can present problems:
    • They can become extremely slippery when wet, and thus present a fall hazard, especially to children and the elderly.
    • High gloss surfaces also tend to show dirt more readily than a less glossy or textured surface.
  • The larger the room, the larger the tile that it will accommodate. Tile can be as small as 1 square inch, and as large as 24 square inches. Larger tiles, once installed, actually make rooms look larger.
  • To accent the finished look, many manufacturers offer coordinating borders and deco pieces. These ceramic tiles add a lot of design to areas such as bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes, but they can be expensive- some more than 10 times the cost of the tile they coordinate with. While you the amount that you need is a small fraction of tile compared to the entire job, they can significantly add to the total job cost.
  • In addition to selecting tile, you will need to select a coordinating grout, which fills in the spaces between the installed tile. Grout color is more important than most people realize – even though the majority of grouts are manufactured with stain resistant polymers, lighter grouts will show dirt more readily than darker colors. A popular selection method is to match the grout color with the darker tone of the tile.
  • When ordering ceramic tile for your job, we will always order slightly more than what you actually need to account for tiles that may break in shipping, break during installation, or crack/chip after the job is complete.
  • Please keep the extra ceramic tile and grout in a dry area if, in a rare case, a repair needs to be made.

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