Pet-Proof Carpet

Carpet and Pets Have Never Been Able to Live Together in Harmony… Until Now. For years, short of dumping bleach on your carpet, pet stains were the most difficult to clean. Standard carpet with standard pad could never be completely cleaned. Pet stains along with other liquids would seep through the backing of the carpet, stain and saturate the pad, … Read More

The Benefits of Waterproof Flooring

  In the last few years, many major manufacturers have come out with waterproof flooring, which has addressed many concerns homeowners have had with laminate, real wood, or other glue down products. Prior to this, when a homeowner wanted a durable, scratch resistant, and low maintenance floor, she would turn to laminate. While laminate has these attributes, it is certainly … Read More

Kitchen Backsplashes

Robert Hall discusses ideas for kitchen backsplash tile design. See how you can alternate different tiles to create a unique design and how you can incorporate chair rail tile above sinks and cooktops.

New Tiling Concepts

Jack’s Tile & Carpet introduces a new way of displaying ceramic tile. Watch the video above for more information on how you can begin to “picture” tiles in your home.